When Twins War: Book I

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For over a thousand years the twin cities of Iza-Kiêrre and Ben-Kiêrre have upheld a covenant of peace, protecting the South of Lexedore from the Moncoin, an ancient evil of the past. But when the cities go to war, all of Lexedore is thrown into turmoil.

Only Tarkanyon the Outlander can restore peace. But his journey to the cities uncovers something more sinister behind the war, and that the Wealth, a magic thought to only belong to the long-gone race of Genicoins, is returning in the most unexpected of places.

Meanwhile Gerald, a soon-to-be-lord of the kingdom of Dernium, discovers that he will play a major role in Tarkanyon's mission and, even, the future of Lexedore.

This new updated and re-edited version of the original "When Twins War" is now available in two parts, BOOK I and BOOK II.


User Rating: 0 / 5

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There are only men on earth,

Who shout applause

Who render mirth.

Of all the species left on show,

It's only men

Who know they know.

The conscious proud

Drink deep the dregs,

And stagger out

On mortal legs.

Observe, Observe,

Come shout and laugh,

Come clamor for an autograph

Of one who is as much like you,

Who's soul will leave the body glue.

I am so scared to offer hope,

We must rehearse the downward slope,

And bend a knee,

While it may bend,

Aware that God,

Himself did send.

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