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O Son of heaven

Oh son of heaven oh great God above Your mercy extended is fueled by your love When you transcended the glassy sea And offered forgiveness to me The darkness inside me gave way to your light All that was wrong you have made right All of my sinfulness passing away In the light of your glorious day Those who lived in the darkness have seen the greatest light Evil exposed in its starkness The dawn of your love has vanquished the night Oh Jesus they thought not much of you Till you had accomplished what you came to do The strongest of all gods, the humblest of men Wrote ‘love’ with His blood as His pen (bridge) His Glorious Day Is on the way Open your weary eyes and look up to the dawning skies All who live in the darkest night The morning has come, Oh Jesus so bright
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When Twins War: Book I


For over a thousand years the twin cities of Iza-Kiêrre and Ben-Kiêrre have upheld a covenant of

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Arduino QuadCopter

Arduino QuadCopter made with PVC pipe and accelerometer.

IMG 2472

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The Space Bible

The whole Bible story as a graphic novel set in space. >> http://spacebible.impartable.com/


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Happy Tune

A funky tune I put together.

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Pirates, Scoundrels, and Saints

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.19.40 AM

Website for Author's new book, Pirates, Scoundrels, and Saints . It's a responsive site, designed to be very image driven.

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RJH Legal


RJH-Legal.com  is a responsive CMS information website designed to look really good on any platform; to be easy and intuitive

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Cygnets Logo

Cygnets Nursery School logo.

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Just Maybe Song

A little bit of common sense and confidence... and fun with guitars!
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Load Angular Material Dialogs from Factory

Dialog boxes (AKA: Modals) Are an integral part of UI and UX design. Unfortunately, they can make your code messy

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Guiltwood Brand design


Guiltwood Properties logo design and stationery. Silver foiled and embossed.

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